“A scintillating collection, full of subtle wit and passionate yearning.” —Kirkus Reviews (starred review)

“With her witty yet poignant voice, Lori Horvitz’ writing is a cross between David Sedaris and Anne Lamott. These well-crafted essays make unexpected connections between her tumultuous love life, her fraught relationship with her mother, and her compelling experiences with identity and grief. Ultimately, hers is an affecting story of resilience.”
—Joelle Fraser, author of The Territory of Men and The Forest House 

“The quest for love is a risky matter, and Lori Horvitz delivers it in pithy essays that have the daring vulnerability of an improv act and the bite of a Jewish joke…Though each essay stands on its own, the sequence has cumulative power, gathering depth and intensity. Reading the last few, tears welled up in me as lifelong struggles culminate in gratitude and inner freedom. In the end, Collect Call to My Mother is a book about becoming whole.”
—Joan Larkin, author of My Body: New and Selected Poems 

Short-Listed for the Santa Fe Writers Project Literary Award

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